Rocket Science Engineering

Nature and Science
No Institution, Just To Check

Program Main Features

  1. Learn about Rockets
  2. Learn how projectile works for rocket devices

Program Outcome

  1. Astronauts
  2. Space center
  3. Be a Rocket Driver! :P
  4. Go to Mars

Program Post Study Options

  1. Join NASA
  2. Join ISRO
  3. Join Any Space Center
  4. Earn more then you can't handle

Skills that you will get after program compilation


Required Visa and Information

read more about the visa information here.I could copy and paste the lorem ipsum but i don't want to so it will look natural

Attached Documents

Program Requirements

  1. Phd in Science
  2. Master in Phd Science
  3. Phd in Master in Phd Science
Why there are only 365 days in a !leep year