Terms & Conditions

For general public users

  • We do not charge users for the services we offer. However please be aware Pickyourbeans.com is a paid maketing platform for institutions. Hence we strongly encourage users to make informed decision after thorough research before users start their application to one or multiple program(s). We are not responsible for the outcome any program.
  • For matters relating to Data and security, please refer our Privacy policy page. 
  • Contact us for reporting any abuse or feedack via the contact us form.

For Partner institutions

  1. Pickyourbeans.com is a paid marketing platform where your institutions and programs can be listed. 
  2. Each institution gets a dedicated portal to add, modify or remove programs.
  3. The service is free till the 31st of December 2018. After this date, pickyourbeans.com will move to a subscription based model.
  4. Failure to commit to a nominal subscription fees will result in termination of services and access to the portal being blocked. 
  5. Users will contact interested institutions directly. We expect user data to be used only for communication. Any misuse of data being reported by a user or users will result in termination of services. If the allegations are unlawful in nature, pickyourbeans.com will take legal action or act witness to the legal action taken by user.
  6. Pickyourbeans reserves the right to terminate institution's portal and unlist them if they fail to comply as prescribed in points 4 & 5.